Ecological farm

The organic suckling lamb from La Jara is the only one in the Canary Islands.

Pilar Carballo

farmer and rancher

My name is Pilar Carballo and I am from Tenerife, one of the islands that make up the Canary Archipelago, in the Atlantic. I’m not coming. My name is Pilar Carballo and I come from a livestock family and, although I studied as an agricultural foreman, I never worked in the primary sector until now. Today I am a livestock breeder and organic farmer, I raise the native breed of Canarian Hair Sheep, better known as Pelibuey sheep, and I graze with them daily in the municipality of Arafo. With my work I contribute to the recovery of this breed that is currently in danger of extinction and to the conservation of the environment. I belong to the Ganaderas en red collective. A space where we exchange knowledge and experiences while you stay informed about everything related to the sector. I invite you to discover the La Jara Ecological Farm, my life project. Here we talk about agroecology, the recovery of native breeds and the production of quality food. Sit back and browse.


sponsor a sheep

You can sponsor one of our native sheep. With your gesture, you contribute to the maintenance of a breed that is in danger of extinction.

Organic garden

Seasonal fruits, vegetables and vegetables, lovingly grown and harvested the day before being brought to your table.

Organic eggs

The chickens are fed with feed from organic farming and the land where they peck small insects, seeds, leaves and stems is also certified.

Organic chicken

Fed outdoors with organic grain, where they dig the earth and run in a large plot, nourished and full of life.


Where we are

Get to know our ecological farm.